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Born in 1945, I grew up in and around London where I qualify as an Electrical Engineerserved after a five year apprenticeship. Needing a change, I then qualoified as a teacher (Physical Education & Mathematics) and worked as an Outdoor Activities Instructor for over 30 years at outdoor education centers mostly in Lothian Region and Edinburgh Education Authority. My unique claim to fame is that, to my knowledge, I am the only person to have worked at all four Edinburgh & Lothian Centres.

My wife Kathryn and I owned and ran Newtonmore Hostel for 20 years. Now retired I'm now an 'Old Guy On a Bike' with a lot of knowledge and experience in most outdoor activities on and off the water (but please don't ask me to go down a cave)!

Sue, Neil, Ali & Adrian now run Newtonmore Hostel and their website is


  • Enjoying retiredment
  • Cycling; on and off road
  • Mountaineering & Climbing
  • Skiing; Alpine & Nordic
  • Photography
  • Computing
  • Countryside and wildlife
  • Reading
  • Music

Favourite Authors

  • Ian Banks
  • Isaac Asimov
  • Bill Bryson
  • Ben Bova

Favourite Movies

  • Forest Gump
  • Phantasia
  • Imagine
  • Apocolypse Now
  • The Matrix
  • Avatar

Favourite Music

  • Anything that rocks
  • Anything folksy.



I have always enjoyed writing and hope the articles will inform or entertain you.

The 'date' of an article is when it was considered to be complete. Email me if you want to make a comment or discuss anything. I would also be delighted to hear from any old friends.

All articles are copyright but you are welcome to quote or reproduce all or part with an acknowledgement.

Enjoy your read.


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